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Kara Ziler

Environmental Health Specialist 3
State of Tennessee
Maryville, Tennessee

Kara Ziler is the Environmental Health Specialist for Blount County, TN, employed by the State of Tennessee. As the Environmental Health Specialist, she facilitates prevention for vector borne diseases, food borne diseases, and diseases of various transmission through rabies control and regulation of establishments under TN Department of Health jurisdiction. She has the daily opportunity to meet a wide variety of populations, intertwining her scientific background with a commitment to community health and health equity.

A 2016 Carson-Newman University graduate, Kara has been accepted into an MPH Program with a 2024 start date. During her time at Carson-Newman University, she learned about the Environmental Health field and began envisioning herself in Public Health. She draws inspiration for Public Health from a childhood interwoven with reliance on the Healthcare system and resources provided by the TN Department of Health. In her free time, she enjoys being outdoors, backpacking, and cycling. Kara’s affinity for the outdoors and exploration has instilled a profound respect for the interaction between the environment and human activity, leading her to the perfect position. She is actively growing her leadership potential and knowledge to better serve the public and the State of Tennessee.