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Quondalynn RaineyMHC

Health Care Transition Program Manager
Children’s Medical Services
Atlanta, Georgia

Quondalynn Rainey is an employee of the Division of Women, Children and Nursing section of Georgia Department of Public Health serving as the Program Manager of Health Care Transition for the Children’s Medical Services (CMS) Program. Ms. Rainey has been working with the department for the past 8 years with all roles supporting the child health programs. This role provides technical assistance and professional development opportunities for the care coordinators who directly support our families, of those birth to age 21 with eligible chronic health conditions, throughout the state. For the past five years, this role primarily focuses on exploring, researching, implementing, developing resources, and sharing evidence-based strategies that will improve successful transition from a pediatric model to an adult model of care, not only within the public health program, but throughout the state for providers, professionals, families and youth both with and without special health care needs. When not working, Ms. Rainey enjoys listing to music, sitting by a body of water and spending time with her teenage daughter helping to build her confidence, resiliency, and self-advocacy as she continues to learn how to turn her challenge of Dyslexia and Auditory Processing Disorder into a strength.