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Katelin McClellanCHES, CPSI

Regional Assessment and Planning Cooridnator/ Public Information Officer
Tennessee Department of Health
Johnson City, Tennessee

Katelin McClellan is the Assessment & Planning Coordinator and Public Information Officer for the Northeast Regional Health Office in the Tennessee Department of Health. She began this role in May 2023. As Assessment & Planning Coordinator, she oversees regional data collection and supports the county health departments to help improve the health of patients and improve the work environment. Katelin acts as the lead on the regional strategic planning process, coordinates with media and news releases, and assists with trainings and presentations on topics deemed necessary by regional leadership.

Katelin was born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina before moving to Northeast Tennessee in 2019. She currently holds Master of Public Health degree with a concentration in Community and Behavioral Health from East Tennessee State University and a Bachelor of Science in Public Health from Charleston Southern University, along with being a Certified Health Education Specialist. Prior to her current role, Katelin has worked in public health as a Health and Safety Specialist Intern for KION NA and as a Coalition Director for a County Substance Misuse Prevention Coalition. These roles have allowed her to expand her knowledge on strategic planning, grant management, occupational health, and data analysis.

Katelin is excited to be a part of the Public Health and Primary Care Leadership Institute and is hopeful this opportunity will allow her to advance her leadership skills and success within the Tennessee Department of Health.